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What Members Are Telling Us About Freedom Ministries...

This group is empowering! Though I'm not personally recovering from addiction, I have been through a lot of trauma. Everyone there is so kind and present.

I look forward to engaging with others each week. When I attend Freedom, I feel as though I am finally not alone in life. I never thought I could of related to so many people and know that I am truly loved by God and a community of others both believing and still searching.
We are making progress. Thank you for the constant encouragement.
Freedom has become my family! It is a place I feel welcomed, encouraged, strengthened, and accepted.
Freedom Ministries has put me on the right track for mental and emotional healing through a Christian community.
Coming to Freedom I felt like God little by little let me unpackage my hurt, shame, and guilts that I was carrying. I have begun to let it go and have started to smile again, and raise my voice. I am falling more in love with God. This ministry is so amazing!
Seeing people from all walks of life embrace scripture for strength encourages me. I am so grateful for an enviroment that is very open and inviting. Personally, I feel as though voids that were once filled with unhealthy coping mechanisms are starting to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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Freedom Ministries currently meets in person and online once a week.


When: Wednesday evenings

Where: Sioux Falls First ~ In their East Wing Room.    ( 
6300 W 41st St, Sioux Falls, SD 57106 )  Sioux Falls First

Time: 6:00 pm

Freedom Ministries Online: 

When: Sunday Evenings

Time: 8:00 pm Central

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Welcome to Freedom Ministries

At Freedom, we are all about coming together to explore the opportunity of finding hope and healing from our hurts, habits, and hangups.
We understand and recognize these spaces to be areas of trauma displayed in our lives, whether self-inflicted or by others.
While it is not required to be a Christian in this group, as Christians, we understand that we are born into a world of sin and a natural manifestation of sin is trauma.
Therefore we all struggle with trauma in our lives.

It is for this reason that we seek to strip away the labels society may have given to us and instead unite under the greatest label we could be given… We are all children of God!

In this group, we are a confidential, safe space, which means that what is shared here stays here. We use God’s word and the activation of the Holy Spirit in our lives to lead us towards His will in and over our lives.

We seek the opportunity to be healed by the power of Christ and be restored and renewed with sound mind and spirit.

We desire to engage as Christ did leading in humility, forgiveness, mercy, and grace being shown to one another ultimately in an action of LOVE.

As a whole, we apply biblical truths, coupled with insights from psychology, to create a blended curriculum that provides a roadmap of logical action steps to support healing.

Welcome to the family! Welcome to FREEDOM in CHRIST!

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