Trauma Rest In Peace

4 weeks
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Trauma Rest In Peace (T.R.I.P.) Series:

The Trauma Rest in Peace series is designed to take a deep-depth look into our trauma responses.

Where does our trauma come from?

What causes our trauma to continue to show up?

What control or lack thereof do we have over our trauma response?


How do we finally find peace in the midst of or wake of our trauma?

In this series, we will dive into understanding:

  •  How the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is King in our Trauma
  •  Dig into how our Trauma is a double-edged sword
  •  Identify the F5 factor of Trauma ( Fight, Flight, Fawn, Freeze, Friend)
  •  Take time to learn how to ultimately heal from our Trauma

Are you ready to Be Set Free from your Trauma and let it Rest In Peace?!?