Depths Of Trauma

6 weeks
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The series "Depths of Trauma" by Freedom Ministries is a comprehensive guide designed to aid individuals in understanding, addressing, and healing from trauma. Through biblical principles, psychological insights, and practical guidance, participants are equipped with tools to navigate the complexities of trauma and cultivate wholesome relationships.

"Depths of Trauma" Series Summary by Freedom Ministries:

Part 1: Window of Tolerance

~ Explores the concept of the "Window of Tolerance".

~ Discusses 3 methods to stay within one's Window of Tolerance.

~ Guides on transforming shame with the power of self-compassion.

Part 2: Meaning of Freedom in Recovery

~ Delves into the importance and significance of freedom during the recovery process.

~ Provides a list of essential freedoms for recovery.

~ Offers actionable steps to achieve freedom during one's recovery journey.

Part 3: Fear, Change & Accountability

~ Examines the hierarchy of needs, fears, and expectations.

~ Explains the 5 stages in the cycle of change.

~ Highlights the importance of accountability in recovery, supported by biblical affirmations.

Part 4: Love Languages

~ Introduces the concept of love languages, enabling understanding of love expression and reception.

~ Deep dive into the five love languages and their application in the daily life of Christians who experience trauma.

~ Encourages reflection on using love languages for positive change in life.

Part 5: Breaking Free - Understanding Attachment Styles & Cultivating Healthy Relationships

~ Emphasizes the significance of attachment styles in shaping our relationships.

~ Facilitates understanding and identification of personal attachment styles.

~ Provides strategies for fostering healthy, rewarding connections with others.

Part 6: Healthy Relationships & The Four Horsemen

~ Unveils the Four Horsemen (as presented by John Gottman) that jeopardize healthy relationships.

~ Explores 12 Christ-centric needs vital for relationships.

~ Encourages participants to review and structure their personal needs